Proofpoint Enterprise Archive solution provides improved manageability and lower, predictable cost of Cloud – without compromising enterprise email archiving security or functionality.

Proofpoint offers a proven enterprise data archiving solution architected explicitly for the Cloud, with the result that it is:

  • Faster: Only Proofpoint is 10x faster, delivering results in seconds via parallel search.
  • Most Secure: Only Proofpoint has DoubleBlind Key Architecture™ ensuring you hold the keys, so you’re protected against data breaches and legal email discovery challenges.
  • Enables Business: Only Proofpoint has features required by legal email discovery teams, compliance teams,end users and IT, including mobile device access and straightforward flat-fee pricing for unlimited storage.

Unlike costly and complex on-premise email archiving systems, where performance deteriorates as archive data volume grows (no matter how much more money is spent on storage), Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is client-proven to deliver scalability on-demand. Proofpoint’s grid storage architecture and parallel search technology ensures real-time search performance for all customers, regardless of how large the enterprise email archive grows. Email archiving solutions that are simply hosted versions of the same on-premises architecture do not address the problem – and given the 44x growth in data storage predicted by IDC over the next 10 years, scalability is extremely important. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive combines the benefits of on-premises data archives with the benefits of cloud scale to deliver a cost-saving enterprise email archive solution without compromising functionality or data protection.


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